Sublimation Printed Transfers Information

Sublimation Transfer Designs must be applied with a heat press, they can not be applied with a home iron, because a household iron will not reach the necessary temperature for the heat activated transfer process to work properly. These transfers need to be placed on items made of a minimum of 50% polyester. The higher the polyester content, the more vibrant your colors. Tri-blend gives a lighter, vintage look. 100% polyester material will give the most vibrant colors when pressed with the proper heat press!

Sublimation Transfers-
These are NOT HTV nor Screen Print Transfers. 
These must be applied with a heat press, household irons will not work. They will not get hot enough to transfer the ink.

Transfers must be used on a items that are at least 50% polyester, 100% will give you more vivid and brighter colors and almost as vivid as the actual design shows on your screen. The lower the polyester the more dull the colors will appear. 

A 50% polyester item will give you a faded, vintage look as the item is washed. Items should be light in color... white, white marble or heather gray are best.

The transfers will not show up well on dark material and if it is applied onto black material, the image will not show up at all. The printer used for sublimation printing does not print white, so if you use a colored item (light blue, baby pink, etc.) where there is white in the design, it will not print those areas, and when pressed, those areas will show the color of the your item through.  Also, using other colors, other than white will change how the colors of the transfer appear when pressed. If you press pink onto blue, it may appear purple. If you press red onto yellow, it may appear dark orange.

There is change to the feel of the garment after sublimation is applied, it's smooth and feels like your item did before adding the transfer. The ink dyes the fibers of the material. 

-Heat Press (not household iron)
-White or Light Colored Material (white, white marble, and light heather grey are the best)
-Garment MUST be at least 50% polyester, the higher % polyester, the more vibrant the colors will press (lower polyester material gives a faded, vintage look).

Instructions for pressing:
– 390-400 degrees F (Recommended 400)
– 45-60 seconds        (Recommended 60) 
– medium pressure

Sometimes TEMP and TIME are item specific, check the instructions of the item you purchased to sublimate on. 

All measurements are approximate and will be sized according to the design.
Some of the pictures are mockup representations of the designs on products to give you an idea of how the transfers will look. This listing is for the sublimation transfer only and does not come with any of the products shown.