Sublimation Printed Transfers

These are sublimation transfers that will be printed out with high quality sublimation ink and onto high quality sublimation paper. They will be shipped to you. If this is not what you are looking for, please check our digital sections. :)

Sublimation transfers must be applied using a heat press (your household iron will not work as it will not reach 400 degrees), to at least 50% polyester material in white or light colors. The higher the polyester count, the more vivid/brighter the design will press. 100% Polyester will give the absolute best color results. Lower polyester counts will result in the image having a faded/vintage look and the image may fade slightly more after first washing. Sublimation printers DO NOT print with white ink, therefore, any white parts of a design will take on whatever color garment you are pressing to.  If the white is important to the design, you should press the design onto white material. The process of sublimation dyes the material it is being pressed to, therefore, it becomes part of the garment and will not feel any different than the material feels. The colors will also become much brighter than the printout after it is pressed as the ink colors are heat activated (390-400 degrees).